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The Dermal Aesthetics Approach to Rosacea

Rosacea is a disorder of the hair follicle and associated sebaceous glands. It particularly affects women aged 30-50 years with a paler complexion, although the stage 3 is most common in men. It can be controlled, managed and improved with proper treatment methods, however, there is no specific or long term cure.

Avoiding stress, keeping the skin well moisturised and avoiding anything that dehydrates the skin or that raises core body temperature will assist in keeping it under control. However these things do NOT cause it but merely aggravate it.

It is inflammation of the skin, resulting in facial redness, vacillation of blood vessels, burning and itching, enlarged pores, and swelling and raised papules. The skin feels hot and flushed because the blood is closer to the surface and can resemble orange peel. The blood vessels eventually become damaged by constant dilation so that they remain dilated. Early intervention is key.

In Chinese medicine rosacea would be considered a lung, liver and colon problem. It may be considered a reflection of other things going on in the body. So as well as treating the visible symptoms, I recommend looking at the body holistically and consider all possible causes or triggers.

The Main Rosacea Triggers are:

  • Sun
  • Stress ( stress elevates levels of cortisol and over a prolonged period will suppress the immune system)
  • Dermodex Mite
  • Enviromental factors
  • Gut health (a lot to know here, and a good nutritionist can help with this, but I will offer some tips for you to identify and manage this imbalance)
  • Helicobacter Pylori bacteria
  • inflammatory and autoimmune links
  • Drugs
  • Hormonal issues


Rosacea has the tendency to overreact so it’s important to treat carefully and slowly. Skin firstly need non-irritating products to calm and repair the dysfunctional barrier and slow down the TEWL. Later, active ingredients are necessary to remodel the damaged skin in a way that promotes healing. Rosacea reflects two coexisting conditions; an increase in skin’s blood supply, attempting to repair itself and thinning from the excessive inflammation, resulting in visible capillaries.

We understand and have successfully helped calm and control Rosacea.  We have MANY tools in our toolbox for Rosacea. We offer Laser Genesis, NG Yag, LED therapy, Needling, Alkaline, Enzyme Therapy, Peels alongside Inner Support and Skin care. If you have been suffering with Rosacea we would love to help.


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