Pigment | Sun Damage | Melasma 

At Dermal Aesthetic we have a brand new Package to treat your skin pigmentation 

A strong, supportive home care routine combined with the right O Pro Dermal Planning program is key to achieving the right skin health results.

This 6-week Power Peel skin workout allows you to receive progressive, not aggressive, results for  your skin presenting with Pigmentation. The O-Bright Peel Protocol takes each treatment opportunity to soothe and infuse skin restoring actives so you will receive a corrective treatment and be able to  manage your skin for a long-term solution without downtime and damage to the integrity of the skin.

Weekly Treatments for 6 Weeks, includes 6 LED’s

Skin must be prepped with essential home care products (your therapist will prescribe) for 3-4 wks prior, longer if Fitzpatrick Skin type 3 and higher.

  • Your treatment program can be extended for deep-set pigment requiring a longer skin workout.

  • Some pigment may require a 12 week or longer program.

  • Melasma pigmentation (hormonal) we recommend you visit your GP for a referral to Endocrinologist as it is critical to have internal elements stabilised for successful skin results. If internal health issues not addressed, Melasma / pigmentation can return. 
  • Sunblock daily is essential forever
  • Pigment blockers containing tyrosinase inhibitors – Niacinamide 12% in our B3 Serum is the best available on the market


$899.00 | Save $900.00

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Australian Made and Owned | Vegan | Cruelty Free |Cosmedical | Active Ingredients | Giving Real Results

Skin Renew Pack  

The number one rule of skin health is thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation. This Radical Cleanse Kit gives you the tools to create and maintain the perfect skin canvas.

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