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FAT CAVITATION             

What is Fat Cavitation/Body Sculpturing? –  In a nutshell, Fat Cavitation is a treatment that effectively reduces fat and cellulite in the selected areas using ultrasonic waves.

Now, the more scientific explanation!  Fat Cavitation  is able to reduce fat in the same way that some opera singers shatter glass with their voice. Each substance has its own ‘frequency’ or ‘resonance point’. And when something else makes a sound at the same frequency, it causes the substance to vibrate and, if the frequency is powerful enough, to shake itself apart.  For example opera singers are able to reach the same frequency as some kinds of glass.  Fat cavitation devices transmit low level ultrasonic waves that consist of compression-expansion impulse and travel at high speed cycles which cause micro bubbles to form.  They become frenzied and start to implode and collide which produce shock waves that then rupture cell walls of nearby fat cells, releasing the fatty liquid inside them.  Shortly after, the fatty liquid is absorbed by the blood stream and then processed by the kidneys, finally being sent to the bladder to be expelled from the body.  It may also eliminated through lymph glands.  To speed up and help the process we recommend a modified diet for 24 hours before and after each treatment and 20 mins of exercise to help the body use up the liquefied fat first and not newly consumed fats or sugars.

4000 vibrations per second that can transmit through gas, liquid and solid matter.  However the denser the matter the harder to get through. Eg thigh to stomach\

Acoustic waves create a vapour bubble which creates heat and micro cavities.  The bubbles collide and implode. the process liquifies the fat cells which us called lipolysis. You will feel it becomes squishy when you try and grab it. Then left with triglycerides which need to be eliminated from body…this is either through lymphatic drainage urinary or will be reabsorbed into body.

Better results when followed with lymph massage. Great detox treatment

Need to modify diet 24 hours pre and postto ensure body utislises the triglycerides and not newly consumed fats and sugars.

2 litres of water must be consumed after tx to ensure drainage;

2litres also before tx as better hydrated means better result.

Fat is full of toxins.  Fatter the cell the more likelihood of headache and dizziness

Now, this may seem overly complicated, but it really boils down to one simple concept, effective spot reduction of unwanted fat!  As we all know, our bodies process the fat in different areas in different ways. Stubborn thigh fat, or a little chub on the hips can resist even the most dedicated weight-loss regimes.  With cavitation, we can focus on that specific area, giving you something that could be achieved, without either tremendous effort, or costly surgery. Not only that, but it can also help reduce cellulite, a condition over 95% of women suffer from.  With one device, we can effectively treat our clients for both of these conditions. Conditions that are, normally very tough to correct.
What does it feel like?  – It won’t hurt at all but it’s a strange feeling to describe.  It’s like a buzzing and tingling sensation throughout your body.  Because it’s happening on the inside it is sometimes louder in the inner ears for the person receiving the treatment as the inner ear picks up frequency emitted.  After the procedure your treated area will feel squishy because the fat cells have been liquefied and ready for elimination.

Is it safe? – It is non thermal so no heat – no danger.  However because of high levels of toxins (the bigger the fat cell, the higher the toxicity) some people may experience headaches and dizziness.  To help with this side effect, and to assist in the elimination, we recommend the client avoids alcohol, carbs, sugar and fats for 24 hours each side of the treatment.  Some people may also experience perifollicular odema which is simple an irritation of the hair follicle of area treated due to release of toxins.  This may result in redness and swelling and can last 24-72 hours.

If you are obese, pregnant, nursing, have had cancer, pacemakers, liver or auto immune deficiencies we will not perform this treatment without doctors consent.

40hz most areas but imhz for small areas and liver,kidney,rib cage

Can get peri follicular edema which is an irration around hair follicle .  this is not an issue and will resolve in 24/72 hours

Will I lose weight? – Fat cavitation is not designed as a weight loss treatment.  It is particularly suited for clients who have localised fat tissues which are resistant to exercise and diet.  It is for reshaping and toning body areas and the perfect alternative to those looking to avoid the pain and cost of invasive Liposuction procedures.

How many treatments will I need?  – Usually between 6-10 treatments.  But you will notice definite results after the third treatment. Time of treatment will depend on how your body handles the release of toxins.  Remember the longer the treatment time the more toxins that are being released into your body so you may feel slightly nauseous the first time.  Generally we will start the first treatment with 10 mins and the build up to 40 minutes.  The final result will depend on you also.  If you modify your diet, drink at least 2 litres of water to flush out the toxins and exercise immediately after the procedure your results will be faster and you will need less treatments.

Frequency of treatments  – You can have the treatments as close as 5 days apart but no closer because the body needs the time for the elimination process.

Cost We recommend exfoliation, moisturisation and lymphatic drainage massage to be included in the treatment.  Dry flaky skin will make the ultrasound less effective but you can reduce costs by exfoliating and moisturizing yourself prior to treatment. To give you an idea an A5 sized treatment area requires 10 mins to liquefy the fat.  So if you want thighs or buttocks treated you will probably require 20 mins (A5 each side).  Stomach depends on size so will be one or two A5 size area.

10 mins cavitation                               $60                                                             30 mins $155

20 mins cavitation                              $110                                                           40 mins $195

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