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The Dermal Aesthetics approach to Acne:                                                                               

Before any treatment and product recommendation is possible, a one hour consultation is imperative.   Because we know that no skin is the same, no program can be the same either.  There are multiple possible sources of inflammation, and every skin will react to these differently.  There are no shortcuts to correcting acne, but we enter this journey in partnership to help you achieve your best skin.

The following is a snapshot of your acne journey with us.  You will receive so much more advice and recommendations: beginning on your first consultation.

We will discuss with you in detail the 5 known factors leading to acne: Hormones, Excess sebum, Over proliferation, bacteria, inflammation.

We know, and have proven to our clients over and over again, if can break just one or two of the links in the above factors we can break the acne cycle!!!! And that’s exciting.

1 Hormones – Hormone Imbalance leads to the other four factors. Things that contribute are:

  • Stress –we will discuss Cortisol, blood sugar, insulin resistance, androgen, gut health, and inflammation.
  • Sleep – Increases good bacteria and I will explain why
  • Diet –Dairy, gluten, processed high acidic foods. Sugar = Insulin resistance. We will explain how there is an absolute DIRECT correlation with all these and acne.
  • Puberty, Menstruation, Menopause and hormone disruptors.– Shrunken balls and breast cancer!! OK extreme, but we got your attention. Hormone disruptors reek havoc!

2 excess sebum – Genes, hormones, Fox 01 transcription factor deficiencies. Insulin resistance (as per diet) – All come into play but they can be controlled.  We will help you with this.

3 Over proliferation of cells – Acne skins are making cells up to 5 times faster than a regular skin.  The worse your skin looks the higher the turnover. This causes blockages and impactions. It can be controlled.

4 Bacteria  and 5 Inflammation – these go hand in hand. Propionibacterium Acnes flourishes in the sebum rich, low oxygen environment of an acne skin. The secretions P. Acnes changes the previously sterile sebum to free fatty acids that irritate the follicle leading to the fourth process: the inflammatory reaction.


Management needs to be a multi tiered approach.  In-salon treatments, and product recommendations are important but the results will depend on how responsible the client (You) are for your own cure.   It is important to treat the inflammation first to prevent pigment scarring and then try to interrupt individual or multiple factors in the four stage process.  To control acne we must control the three components: bacteria, sebum and corneocytes and then most importantly the hormones and gut dysbiosis that may have caused the cascade in beginning.

  • Bacteria – Bacteria thrives in an anaerobic environment so bringing oxygen into that environment is greatly beneficial. Bacteria is also very PH dependant to thrive. So in clinic alkaline washes, high frequency and Blue LED treatments will assist in controlling bacteria.
  • Sebum –We need sebum as it contributes to our barrier function, waterproofs the skin and prevents water loss but balance is the key. High Frequency, Galavanic treatments and products can also control excess sebum.
  • Corneocytes – Controlling the over proliferating acne skin is key is clearing impactions. Products, peels and other in salon treatments will address the excess build up.
  • Gut and hormone health –WAY, way, way too much to discuss right now!!! But we will consider, Drugs (recreational and medical), high glycemic foods, dairy, gluten, body elimination, STRESS, pre and pro biotics, nutritional and naturopathic support, Essential Fatty Acids, benefits of Alkaline diet, and vitamin and mineral support.
  • Good skincare WILL assist in sebum control, proliferation, inflammation and bacteria control. No product recommendation will ever be given without a full explanation as to the benefits of each product.  We are ingredient focussed and select every product based on our knowledge as to how it will improve your individual condition.

Salon Treatments

We offer many proven therapies to treat acne: such as Alkaline wash, Enzyme Therapy and Lymphatic drainage, High frequency, Ozone, IPL, LED, Chemical resurfacing and more.