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We have some amazing new needling infusions just arrived in salon, including the newest player on the market, MESOTOX which is an natural alternative to Botox. But let us first explain exactly what needling does and why we do it, for those of you who are not yet familiar with it.

As humans we respond best when we are spoken to in our own Love Language.  Our skin is no different.  Our cells are also communicators, and there are some languages it responds to best, and others it does not.  Growth factors tell our skin how to behave and needling produces two of the most ‘skin loving’ growth factors TGFB3 and EGF.  TGFB3 increases NATURAL collagen (not the SCAR tissue one we don’t want) and EGF which is our epidermal growth factor that stimulates cell renewal and differentiation.  It will also produce many other growth factors including FGF-7 which will cause proliferation of cells and our much loved water binding Hyaluronic Acid (yay plump dewy skin).

So what does that mean? -in a simplified explanation, it means they can provide maximum benefit in skin rejuvenation without the side effects and trauma other rejuvenation methods can incur.

Understanding Biology, the life cycle of a cell, timing of treatment and when to inflame and when to leave things alone and what to feed the new cells is far more important than the procedure itself.  Performed correctly, and when a cell is nurtured from birth to maturation can mean the difference of a new healthy, firm, plump skin as opposed to a damaged, depleted and shrivelled up one. Again, performed correctly, Dermal Needling comes with virtually no side effects as the new skin produced will always look natural

Needling takes a lot of energy out of a cell, so it must be treated with respect at all times.  There are absolute non negotiables at Dermal when we perform a needling procedure and if you are not prepared to invest in some basic ‘Love’ for your new cells, we will tell you that you are wasting your time (and money).

Aside from precious collagen, elastin and GAG stimulation, needling will also increase product penetration by 4000%.  We can also compliment this at home with rollers but the depth of the needle is super important. When our fibroblasts receive the nutrients they need, they wake up and start giving us the anti ageing good stuff we are chasing. When you have a needling treatment with us, we will explain all the supporting ingredients and at home treatments you can do, that will give your skin the best possible outcome.  Remember, cells can only produce what they are programmed to do, so without the right building blocks you cannot initiate the change you are paying good money for us to create.

Nearly all skin conditions will benefit from needling, however inflamed and impaired skin may need a little more ‘Love’ first.  If you are looking for less wrinkles, a firmer, plumper and more refined skin, reduced pore size, and less visible redness, then you will love this treatment.

Needling sounds scary but downtime is actually very minimal.  On day one you may appear a bit red and some clients describe the feeling as sunburnt.  The next day may be slightly sensitive for some and others will feel nothing.  Day 3 you may experience a small amount of flaking as skin goes through a lag phase before it enters a brighter better appearance.

For best results we recommend a course of at least 3 treatments one month apart.

We are offering a skin needling package of 3 sessions, that include a bespoke serum suited to your skin concerns, a peel and LED before treatment and another LED 3 days after treatment to speed up skin healing.  Usually valued at $1716 and we are offering it for $1099

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